Delivery & Services

B&H Office Furniture normally delivers within a 200 mile radius of Rockford, IL on our own trucks. We inspect and blanket-wrap your furniture to insure it gets to you in the same condition that you originally bought it.
We also will do office furniture repair – Repairing nicks or scratches, "burning in " patches to chipped or damaged furniture and repairing broken furniture.
We offer an appraisal service. For a nominal fee, we will inventory and price your office furniture (both wholesale and retail). This is an invaluable aid to companies who are wishing to sell furniture to employees, dissolving partnerships or the buying or selling of these company assets during a buyout or merger.
We will help you layout and design your office in the most efficient, ergonomic way (within your budget parameters). Our staff will lay out your office to scale and give you peace of mind that what you order will fit.